LOVE ur post about the "the little hipster fucks" lmao. that was so great. and your SO right. i hate the fact that native american patterns and ceremonial head dresses are being used by people with no understanding of native american ways. that post reminded me of sooo many people i see at school!

HAHA YES! Thank you!
Im so glad someone else agrees with me!


Alright you little hipster fucks.

Listen up.
Im pretty sick of seeing all your gross little faces and stupid beanies walking around like mall rats acting like you own the fucking place. Your stupid little “obey” hats, big thick glasses to make you look super fucking smart and your stretched little ears, you ALL look the same. Have you guys not heard of personal style? I think what really pisses me off most is this whole “spirit animal” bull shit.
Im 100% Native american and I think these little hipster fucks are so full of shit. Not only is it insulting, it is disgusting. You make Native Americans look bad, you embarrass all of us.
I dont know what the fuck this “swag” thing is and I dont know why people think they have it.
All I can really say is FUCK YOU HIPSTER KIDS. Especially you white kids who think wearing a formal, traditional Indian head dress is “stylish”
I hope a plague comes by and turns your assholes inside out while you all throw up to death.

with love;